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CEO’s Message

The Mercaz Chareidi was founded with the objective of helping the chareidi public gain access to the work place and earning a livelihood. The Mercaz was founded with the direction and approval of גדולי ישראל and the day today running and course approval is supervised by the Rabbinical Board under the guidance of גדולי ישראל שליט”א.

The workplace is constantly changing in different directions and fields of employment are shifting based on trade and industry demands. The Mercaz’s role is to stay ahead of the curve introducing new courses to allow our students up to date potential for employment. But that is not all.

As the CEO of the Mercaz since 2007, I am committed to the school’s success in the following areas:
1. top quality courses and instruction;
2. continued improvement to the learning environment expected of a chareidi institution, and
3. alumni employment.

These three goals are the stepping stone to the success of the past and the potential for the future. We are continuously evaluating our goals and successes in reaching these targets and we see tremendous achievement thus far. To date, close to 10,000 students have entered the workforce through the doors of the Mercaz since its founding in 1996 by Dr. Avraham Fuss z”l, and a high percentage of our graduates are working in the fields they studied and graduated from.

The Mercaz is happy to assist anyone interested in attaining a source of income and will provide the best courses, instruction and environment to succeed.

All the best,
Avraham M. Horen

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