Terms of Acceptance

1. Torah background individuals only, will be accepted to the Haredi Center.
2. 12 years of schooling.
3. Engineering studies: Bagrut certification/examination preparatory program.
4. Candidate suitability for course suitability – suitability examination

The acceptance process is made up of the following stages:

Registration form, classification examinations and personal interview.

Consultancy in preparation for registration

For inquiries and consultation the candidate may turn to the secretary at the centre for general information on the registration procedure.

For information on the various courses and tracks the candidate may turn to the information and registration department.

For advice on choosing a study track the candidate may turn to the branch administrator, to the women’s studies coordinators, to professional advisors and to study arrangement administrators (through coordination with the information and registration department).

Suitability Examination and Interview

Candidates who have registered for courses must first go through a classification and suitability exam, to check their level of suitability for the chosen course. These examinations have been prepared by professionals from the “Til International” Company. Results are given to the candidate at his interview.

Suitability Examinations – Til International

Any student, who registers to the Haredi Center, will go through an examination to check whether he is suitable for the course he has chosen. This examination takes approximately 3 hours. The examination checks various talents and charecteristics relevant for studies at the Haredi Center, and does not require any special preparation.