The Maurice Wohl Charitable Foundation – Mr. and Mrs. Wohl z"l were very enthusiastic supporters of the Mercaz. Mr. Wohl was deeply involved in the financial arrangements of the students, and personally met with many of them.

The Huntingdon Foundation, U.K. – Mr. Benjamin Perl's Huntingdon Foundation has funded many Jewish schools in London, U.K. with Yavne College – the flagship of his endeavors. Mr. Benjamin Perl M.B.E. is a long time supporter and friend of the Mercaz. His son Yossi is the Chairman of the Board of the Mercaz.

The Paul and Lea Reichmann Family Foundation, Toronto, Canada – Mr. and Mrs. Paul Reichmann have supported the Mercaz for many years and see in the Mercaz a vehicle towards the financial empowerment of the Chareidim.

Mr. Bernard Hochstein z"l – Mr. Hochstein was from the original founding members of the Mercaz, and left his imprint on many institutions in Israel. Founded by his son in law Dr. Avraham Fuss z"l, the Mercaz counts several grandchildren as patrons and board members.

Mr. Michael Hochstein and Family – Mr. Michael Hochstein is a valued supporter of the Mercaz, enthusiastically helping it achieve its yearly financial goals.

Mrs. Gila Fuss and Family – Mrs. Fuss continues the great legacy of her husband Dr. Avraham Fuss z"l, the visionary founder of the Mercaz. Mrs. Fuss's son, Yehuda, is an active board member.

Esti and Henry Swieca, New York. The Swieca's are avid benefactors of the Mercaz donating the beautiful new Ashdod campus.

Yisroel and Elka Weisbort, Stuttgart, Germany – The Weisborts are from the original supporters of the Mercaz. They continue to be concerned for the Chareidi populace in particular, and through the Mercaz, strive for the empowerment of those who want to learn a trade.

Mr. Leo Noe, London, U.K. – In 2007, Mr. Noe made a substantial effort to propel the Mercaz forward, and thanks to his Kemach Fund, has subsidized hundreds of students.

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Schimmel, London, U.K. – Together with their son Jackie, The Schimmels have been instrumental in the ongoing success of the Mercaz, and were early believers in the advancement of the Chareidi community in its goal of self support through employment.

Bertie and Jackie Woolf, San Diego, California – The Woolfs were one of our first supporters, and continue to be active in realizing the goals of the Mercaz.

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Pearlman, London, U.K. – The Pearlmans have been avid supporters of the Mercaz from the start, and continue to seek ways to advance the Mercaz and its goals.

The Issac and Edith Wolfson Educational Trust – The Wolfson Trust is a generous benefactor of the Mercaz.

The Rothstein Foundation New Jersey – represented by Yehoshua Bernstein has helped found the Mercaz Job Centre whose goal is to aid all Mercaz students and graduates find suitable employment.

Yehuda and Chani Neuberger Baltimore Maryland – with their purchase of a new computer lab have advanced the students' level of education which will enhance their future employment options and success.

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